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Max Micro Teacup Maltese Puppy

Cotton Coated Max ! Micro White Maltese Baby Boy ! Nobody can passby lil baby Max without being stopped in his or her tracks; those illuminating baby doll eyes are undeniably alluring. He really makes you want to cuddle him endlessly. Max is packed with so much sass and personality that life is always fun when he is around. Max has a glamorous cotton white coat that portrays elite quality. He is truly #perfect! This micro teacup Maltese baby boy is estimated to be under 2.5lbs pounds full grown !!  <3

Name: Max
Breed: Micro Maltese
Color: White
Gender: Male
Size: Maximum Expected Adult Weight 2.5LBS

Date of Birth:

Look at this saucer eyed stunner! We love this baby boy and he is our exact special look for our Maltese. No tear stains. Square body. Big beautiful face. He’s 6 months and just over 1lb he will double in size over the next year. He gives you a happy feel and plays the best companion role with you all day long! We are the best option to grab our a little teacup micro Maltese puppy for sale! Call or text to reach us fast.
Price: $6,800.00
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