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Fossi Teacup Blue French Bulldog

The Gorgeous Lil Teacup Blue French Bulldog ! Mini French Bulldog Baby Girl ! …. Talk about a gorgeous luxurious baby blue Frenchie; Fossi is a rare teacup blue French bulldog and  is absolutely stunning! She has a glamorous stellar blue coat that radiates pure beauty. She has an in incredible face and sweet expression. She is extremely tiny for a Frenchie baby and is estimated to be 10 pounds full grown ! <3

Name: Fossi
Breed: Teacup French Bulldog
Color: Blue
Gender: Female
Size: Maximum Expected Adult Weight 10LBS

Date of Birth: 17-Mar-20

a – the teacup bulldog for sale is the most precious little one you will ever meet! It is a really a a miniature French bulldog for sale with a compact body, beautiful eyes, and giant ears. This blue French bulldog for sale loves to be cuddled, and will demand all of your attention! a certainly has a joyous zest for life but can be quiet and curious too. Mini French bulldog puppies are flawless! You will never go wrong adding this bulldog puppies to your story We offer a beautiful selection of the best quality and healthier teacup bulldog. Call or text us to buy this blue French bulldog.
Price: $8,800.00
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